Good stories can decide about likes or dislikes, image and reputation, credibility and identification, success or failure, in short: about whether your content is read, viewed, heard or your products purchased.

Our workshop answers the following questions: What is storytelling - really? What is a good story? How does it work and what does it take? How do you find a good story?

In order to do this, we select specific examples from your company or your market environment in order to analyze them in detail. You will learn about all the dramaturgical instruments and tricks and practice using them in short units.

What we will do together
  • Analysis of your your company’s narrative identity
  • Explanation of the basic elements of a good story
  • Identification of socially relevant themes
  • Learn questioning techniques for story analysis
  • Analysis of examples to practice story development
  • Analysis of examples to practice story dramaturgy (narration)
  • Individual exercises with own content
Suitable for
  • All company "communicators": Employees and managers from communication, marketing, PR, press spokespersons or persons who represent the company, e.g. in the form of specialist presentations.
Duration 4 hours
Pricing € 499,- per person
(minimum five , maximum 15 participants)
Further information

If you are interested or have questions about the workshop, please do not hesitate to contact us: by telephone +49 (0)611 . 238 50 10 or by email at kontakt(at)